May at Willington GP

May is an exciting time for bird life. Willington Gravel Pits (DWT) are no exception. Breeding is in full swing, most of the migrants have returned and are about their business. This is the time when early morning visits reveal just how busy these birds are from dawn until dusk.

There is a large Black-headed Gull colony here and they’re always arguing, especially during the breeding season. Territoriality is the key to successful breeding.

Great Crested Grebes have their nests firmly established and the male is not slow to protect it from marauding birds – Gulls, Swans and Terns.

Birds are very flighty and lively during this period and it is at this time when action shots are possible.

Warblers have arrived and are busy defending their territory.

Early breeders like the Long-tailed Tit have already fledged.

I will try and keep a record of a year at Willington in these blogs, so keep a lookout for them.

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