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What an honour!

Not one front page, but two – how fantastic! Well, it’s not the front cover of Birdwatching magazine, but it is the Autumn 2010 Derbyshire Wildlife Trust magazine and their 2011/11 Annual Review.

I am a member of the DWT and a big supporter of its cause and was delighted when they asked to use a couple of my images to grace their magazines.

The Osprey image coincided with their massive campaign to get Ospreys into Derbyshire, which involved erection of several new special platforms across the Trent Valley region. The Little Egret at Willington was especially poignant, as I have spent a good few months photographing these birds here and the image chosen has that sort of “The Egret has landed” flavour, which is true, as they have made Derbyshire their home. I’m sure before long they will be breeding here.

Here they are, as photographed on my coffee table!



Interestingly on the Little Egret shot, there is a Dunlin below. When the Egret dropped in, the Dunlin wasn’t half surprised!


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